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Related article: Thus it follows that the game will be levelled up, and amateurs brought, class for class, a bit nearer to their professional bre- thren of the cue. In the admir- able Badminton "Billiards" it is estimated that professional breaks, made under the now discarded rules (viz., "spot-in, push-in"), ran in size from ten to fifteen times as large as those of amateur players, class for class, that is to say, comparing first-class profes- sionals with first-class amateurs, and so on. To-day, under the Revised Rules of Billiards, one would not perhaps be far wrong in placing, class for class, the size of amateur breaks at from one- Order Spironolactone Online third to one-fifth the size of pro- fessional breaks. One interesting outcome of the recent legislation in billiard mat- ters may be noticed — the ntasse stroke. Until recently this stroke was never seriously regarded as a factor in English billiards, but familiarity with its various forms is practically imperative to the present-day " pro " for use in po- sitions where the foul ** push " and its relative, the Cheap Spironolactone " half-push '" i86 baily's magazine. [Sbptbubbr would formerly have given a simple, if ignominious, way out of the difficulty. The proficiency of our English professionals is, as regards the massS stroke, practi- cally in its first infancy, whilst, in the case of amateurs, this stroke, like the top-of-the-table game, must ever be *• caviare to the general," although a select few may certainly succeed in mastering its easier forms. In conclusion, the writer is pleased to record his conviction that the Revised Rules have, on the broad lines they prescribe, given us at last an ideally perfect game of billiards. It is easy enough to criticise the rules of billiards, or those of any other game, extremely difficult to sug- gest the form any alteration should take. For the present, therefore, let us rest content with our ideal game as we find it, and leave time to bring about any needed reform in the minor de- tails of its laws. Such reform may possibly be chiefly looked for in the direction of greater sim- plicity and brevity, but Purchase Spironolactone Online so far only (a condition apt sometimes to be overlooked) as is ever con- sistent with that great desideratum in all laws or rules, justice. J. P. Buchanan. Cricket. On August nth, the tour of the team of cricketers from the West Indies finished up Buy Spironolactone with a brilliant victory over the county of Norfolk, the visitors winning by no less than an innings and i6 runs, dis- Generic Spironolactone missing the home team in the second innings for the paltry total of 32 runs, and Burton who is Buy Spironolactone Online probably the best bowler on the West Indian side, had the re- markable analysis of 10 overs, 7 maidens, 9 runs, 8 wickets, a per- formance of which he may well be proud. The record of the tour shows five victories as against eight de- feats, and there have been only four matches left drawn out of the seventeen played. At the start of the campaign our visitors modestly announced that they had come over not with any idea of winning matches, Order Spironolactone but merely with a view to perfecting their knowledge of the game, and more as pupils than in any way rivals, and at the beginning of the tour when they had sustained a series of reverses, it almost looked as though they were likely to be in for a bad time of it, since in the first four matches they lost the toss, and each time were easily beaten. Then came a welcome victory over a team representing the minor Counties, and next Leicestershire were defeated by an innings and 87 runs, whilst the Spironolactone Online performance upon which Mr. Warner's team will probably pride themselves the most is the victory registered over Surrey at Ken- nington Oval, the West Indies winning with an innings to spare. It was an ambitious programme which the Colonials arranged, as they met most of the strongest Counties, but as a rule the teams opposed to them were not repre- sentative of the full strength of the Counties, and when it was seen that the Colonials were not a very dangerous team, the strongest counties generally gave two or three of their best men a igoo.] CRICKET. 187 rest during the match. The fact that throughout their last seven matches they were unbeaten would seem to show Buy Cheap Spironolactone that the West Indians carried out their expressed intention of learning to improve their play as they went along, and it seems that this tour is likely to do a great deal for West Indian cricket. Perhaps the best batting per- formance of the tour was the stand late on in the second inn- ings of the match at Lord's against M.C.C., when Constantine and Burton put on 162 runs in just over the hour, and entirely altered the complexion of the game. Another fine batting performance was done at Kennington Oval, when Purchase Spironolactone Olivierre and Cox put up 208 before the first wicket fell. The former is probably the best batsman on the side, and tops the averages with an average of 32*70 runs for twenty-seven com- pleted innings, whilst both Con- stantine and Cox have averages of over 30 runs per innings, and five members of the team scored over a century at some time or another during the tour. Woods and Burton were the stock bowlers of the team, and their figures are wonderfully similar, each having secured 78 wickets at an average cost of 21*5 runs per wicket. To show how dependent the team was upon these two bowlers, it is noticeable that Mignon, the next bowler, only took thirty wickets, and those at a cost of 29 runs apiece. Woods is a fast bowler of the early Victorian style, with a very low swinging delivery and no run but just a couple of steps ; it is reported that he never bowled in boots until he came to this country ; upon good wickets he